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01673 843 787

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Quality fitted kitchens & appliances

Are you dreaming of a new kitchen? Perhaps with shiny new worktops, additional space, and maybe even a breakfast bar for the occasional mid-morning coffee? If so, Rhodes Fitted Kitchens can help. We work with you to design and install your brand new kitchen. And as it's a fitted kitchen, you get whatever you’re looking for.


That might mean more cabinets for storage space. It might mean a second oven to make roast dinners easier. Or it might mean a dining area for lazy Sunday morning breakfasts with the kids. Whatever it is you’re looking for, our designs bring it to life.

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54-56 Queen Street,

Market Rasen,



01673 843 787

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We’re not that expensive!

The idea of a new fitted kitchen makes most people shudder - surely they either take years to save for or years to pay off?


Not quite. The beauty of our service is it can be tailored to any budget. We offer models with all the bells and whistles stripped back – which can make our kitchens more affordable than you might find elsewhere. So when looking in to new kitchens, give us a try.


You could end up with a new kitchen for less than you might expect.

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